My Tsum Tsum photoshoot with Mickey! 

minnie (x), goofy (x), donald (x)


But always you will have the glorious memories of Rydell High. Rydell forever.” - Grease (1978)

"If it were the first “Star Wars” movie, “The Phantom Menace” would be hailed as a visionary breakthrough. But this is the fourth movie of the famous series, and we think we know the territory; many of the early reviews have been blase, paying lip service to the visuals and wondering why the characters aren’t better developed. How quickly do we grow accustomed to wonders. I am reminded of the Isaac Asimov story “Nightfall,” about the planet where the stars were visible only once in a thousand years. So awesome was the sight that it drove men mad. We who can see the stars every night glance up casually at the cosmos and then quickly down again, searching for a Dairy Queen."
— Roger Ebert in defense of The Phantom Menace. (via theoradical)


Happy Halloween: Boy Meets World Edition

5x17: And Then There Was Shawn

Why is it such a certainty that we’re supposed to be together?
Why does the sun rise in the morning? Why do magnets stick together? Because everybody says so. Everybody.

"Love suffers long and is kind, it is not proud. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things. Love never fails. And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these, is love."


»> Smallville - Pilot - 1.01 (10.16.01)


I come with exciting news! Tomorrow (or Today if you’re in Japan) is the 1 year anniversary of Disney’s Tsum Tsum! With that Disney Store Japan is releasing a Limited Edition 40 pack set which will include amazing first time characters like Sally, Alien, Buzz, Woody, Jack Skellington, Zero, Flounder, Ariel, and Sebastian! Only 1,500 of these sets will be sold, so if you’ve got friends in Japan who can help you get one or live in Japan, this set will go on sale at 10:00am October 18th!

It retails for $21,600 yen ($202.12 us).

Paintings come to life: "some girls like….pretty girls." {x}